Board of Directors

Management of the affairs of the UNC Faculty-Staff Recreation Association (FSRA) is vested in a Board of Directors composed of FSRA members who are elected, hold office, and administer the business of the Association as designated by the FSRA’s by-laws. The Board meets monthly to hear reports by Farm staff and to act on matters related to staffing, expenditures, and policy. The Officers of the Association are a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, elected at an annual meeting held early in the calendar year. Current Officers and Board members are:

  • Tony Patterson, President
  • Joan Krause, Vice-President
  • Jim Hamilton, Treasurer
  • Paul Yazejian, Secretary
  • Sarah Dotters-Katz
  • Lynn Edgar
  • Karen McCulloch
  • Kristin Ondrak
  • Allison Reid
  • Jerry VanSant