Fitness Program



Starting this week, we are initiating a state-of-the-art Online Farm Online Fitness Program which is especially beneficial during this time of social distancing.   Online Health and Fitness Options have become extremely popular and we plan to offer the online fitness options even after we are able to interact once again.

Depending on the type of online fitness program chosen, the program will offer a  customized fitness plan to help each client meet his/her specific fitness goals whether general health and conditioning, weight loss, improved muscle strength and muscle mass, mobility, balance, flexibility.  Individual lifestyles and preferences are addressed to include time constraints, preferred method of workout, equipment required and any limitations to best customize the plan for each member. If desired, we can also help members set daily health targets and provide nutritional guidance to help in achieving goals.  Below are the three initial online 2020 Farm Online Virtual Fitness Programs being offered by the Farm:

1) FREE Online Total Body Condition Workouts

Every Monday a new 50-minute Total Body Conditioning class will be added to our social media pages UNC Farm Fitness on Facebook and Instagram which members can utilize as many times during the week as desired and at any time. Our Farm staff is committed to helping you achieve your 2021 fitness and health related goals, kicking it off with these FREE workouts. Please see the Farm website for a more detailed description of the Online Total Body Conditioning Workout.

2) Online 12-Week Individualized Fitness Program without Coaching- $85

With this package the fitness coach will communicate with you to discuss your fitness goals and develop a customized 12-week workout program.  The fitness program will be provided to you via the Trainerize app which you can download to your phone or IPad. This will be a workout program specifically designed for you that you can complete independently.

3) Online 12- Week Individualized Fitness Program with Fitness Coaching, Nutritional Guidance and Accountability Coaching- $115/month

With this package you will receive a 1:1 call to discuss your fitness goals, a customized 12-week fitness program, a weekly 1:1 zoom video coaching session, progress tracking support, nutritional coaching and accountability monitoring and encouragement to keep you on track! The fitness program will be provided to you via the Trainerize app which will link to our nutritional guidance program MyFitnessPal. Your online coach will provide you with a personalized macronutrient count to help you better fuel your body as well as set daily health targets to achieve.

Please follow our new social media pages UNC Farm Fitness on Facebook and Instagram for updates on these fantastic new Online Farm Fitness Opportunities as well as updates on our ongoing programs. Likewise, please visit the Farm Website at for more detailed class descriptions and staff bios.