Swim Team Coach Information Page

A.     Swim Team Coach Job Description

  • Coach FSRA Swim Team in all aspects of competitive
  • Direct FSRA Swim Team during swim meets and prepare swim meet entry
  • Insure that all team members who attend practice regularly and who have paid Swim Team dues, swim in swim meets.
  • Cooperate and help coordinate Swim Team parents committee on Chapel Hill Summer Swim League rules, organization of FSRA swim meets, social functions, attendance, payments, and records of the FSRA Swim Team.
  • Supervise and direct the Assistant Swim
  • Promote a healthy balance of competition and enjoyment for the entire FSRA Swim
  • Responsible for the organization and operation of the FSRA Swim Directly responsible to the FSRA Manager.

B.   Assistant Swim Team Coach Job Description

 To report to and assist the FSRA Swim Team Head Coach in the following responsibilities:

  • Practices: Provide swim instruction and competitive training for FSRA swimmer; Provide a fun, positive environment for FSRA swimmers.
  • Swim Meets: Assist with organization of FSRA meets; Prepare swim meet entry cards; Assist with directing the FSRA Swim Team during swim meets.
  • General: Attend all coaching staff meetings; Participate in FSRA Swim Team social functions and other team activities; Promote a healthy balance of competition, sportsmanship, and enjoyment for entire FSRA Swim Team.


All Swim Team Coaches are required to read through the information in the links provided below. 

FSRA Policy For The Protection Of Children, Youth; And Adults With Developmental Disabilities

FSRA Bullying Policy and Prevention

Social Networking Policy for Employees