Pool Rules

New Pool Rules during COVID-19

Overarching Farm Rules

  • Treat everyone who does not live with you as if they are COVID-19 positive.
  • Throw out everything you think of as “typical” and begin to embrace our “new normal”.
  • Be extraordinarily flexible.

Farm Pool Recreational Swim Rules

  • Previous reservations only. No walk-up entry.  Every member should be active on the reservation system.  Please let us know if you have difficulty booking a reservation at the pool.
  • Do not come to The Farm if you are not feeling well or are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Social distancing in the pool and on the deck is not the responsibility of Farm Lifeguards. We need everyone to do their part to ensure that social distancing rules are being practiced at all times.
  • Post swim showers are discouraged. Changing room capacity will be limited. Please be considerate to others by spending as little time in the changing room as possible.
  • Swimmers 12 and under are not allowed at The Farm Pool this summer without a parent or guardian.
  • Parents of swimmers 8 and under must be either in the pool or on the edge of the pool when those swimmers are in the swimming pool regardless of swimming ability to monitor your child’s social distancing.
  • The entire upper pool will be used for recreational swimming.
  • Diving boards and slide will be open.
  • Lap swimming will take place in the lower pool.
  • The Farm Grill is open! Please order early to allow our chefs enough time to prepare your food during your time at the pool. Remember, if you bring food and drinks from home, no glass is allowed on the pool deck.

Lap Swimming Rules

  • Previous reservations only. No walk-up entry. We will work hard to get everyone on the system as soon as possible.
  • Do not come to The Farm if you are not feeling well or are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Once recreational swimming begins, all lap swimming will take place in the lower pool. Lanes will numbered 1-6 in the lower pool.
  • Only swimmers with reservations will be allowed to enter during lap swimming hours.
  • Post swim showers are discouraged. Changing room capacity will be limited. Please be considerate to others by spending as little time in the changing room as possible.

Safety First

The Farm Pools have always been a safe and happy place for everyone, especially children. The following pool rules have been developed over the years to ensure the safety of all swimmers. There is a logical reason for each of the rules. Lifeguards are expected to enforce them in a friendly manner. The guards want everyone to have fun at the pool, but it is their responsibility to prevent accidents and dangerous situations.

Diving Boards

  • High Dive Waiver Form
  • High dive waivers must be signed for all users under the age of 18 of the high dive. Members cannot sign waiver for guest children.
  • Only one person may be on ladder or steps at a time.
  • No inward, cutaway, or suicide dives are allowed.
  • Only one bounce is allowed on diving boards.
  • No swinging on rails is allowed.
  • No goggles may be worn off boards.
  • Do not climb stairs until person in front has left the board.
  • Do not go off board until the person before you is at side of pool.
  • Swim immediately to side of pool closest to diving board you used, and climb out using the ladder.
  • No free swimming in diving area is allowed while the boards are open.
  • Children under eight years old must have badge to go off the high dive.
  • No back jumps are allowed off the boards outside of dive class.
  • Swimmers are not allowed to throw toys to people going off the diving boards.
  • Children without badges should use low board only under close parental supervision. Parents may not enter water to meet poor swimming children.


  • Go down slide in sitting position only.
  • No swimming is allowed below bottom of slide.
  • Exit immediately after sliding.
  • Goggles and standing are restricted on the slide.
  • With no exceptions, parents waiting for children coming down slide must wait outside slide area.
  • No flipping, diving or twisting at the end of the slide.
  • No swimming from low dive to shallow water free swim area.
  • Children without badges should not use slide.
  • Please use extreme caution when climbing down stairs.

Floats and Kickboards

  • No rafts or large floats are permitted.
  • Kickboards are permitted only in lap lanes and in shallow end of upper pool, not in the 7 or 5 ft. sections.
  • On crowded days, floats and balls may be removed from pool.
  • Floats are only allowed in the upper pool shallow end or baby pool.
  • Children in water wings, in inner tubes, or on floats must always be within arm’s reach of a parent or adult.
  • Swimmers are not allowed to hit one another with kickboards or floats, this includes noodles.
  • Standing on kickboards is not allowed.

Lap Lanes

  • Only lap swimming and swim instruction is allowed only in lap lanes.
  • Lap swimmers must stay on one side of lane (two in each lane).
  • No cutting through lap lanes is allowed.
  • Circle swimming is allowed only in the end lane under shallow-end guard stand, or when agreed to by swimmers in a certain lane.

Pool Area

  • Swimmers must enter water from side facing forward-no flips, spins, back dives, or can-openers.
  • All swimmers must check in at desk.
  • Soap shower should be taken before entering pool.
  • Children without FSRA badge must remain in shallow area of the upper pool and behind depth divider rope in shallow end of the lower pool, unless with adult.
  • The following are restricted…
    • walking on deck in flippers.
    • running on the pool deck.
    • profanity.
    • talking to on-duty guards in stand.
    • glass anywhere inside pool gates.
    • gum in pool.
    • horseplay in the water or on the deck.
    • hanging or playing on ropes.
    • hanging in the water with feet on the deck.


  • Take only one step when entering pool, no running entries.
  • Balls may be used only in shallowest end of large pool and shallow end of lower pool. (Abuse of privilege will result in balls being taken away).
  • No squirt guns are allowed.
  • Foam squirt cannons are allowed in the upper pool shallow end.
  • No tennis balls, footballs, baseballs, etc… are allowed in pool. If it would hurt to get hit in the head with it, it’s not allowed.
  • Balls may be removed due to overcrowded shallow end.

Check In

  • All members should check in at front desk.
  • Each member family receives five free guests per year.
  • Each guest beyond the free guests is $5 per guest.

Lightning policy

In the event lightning is seen at the pool, the pool will be closed for a minimum of thirty minutes, following the last bolt seen or close/loud thunderhead. The pool will also be closed in the event of close/loud thunderheads. The reopening of the pool will be decided by the Pool Supervisor or head guard, and the pool will only be reopened when the weather is no longer threatening. Under severe weather conditions, members are requested to clear the pool deck quickly and follow the instructions of the Pool Supervisor or head guard. These instructions may include entering the bathhouses or requesting that all members seek shelter in their cars, or leave the facility.